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Social Media Admin – Temp contract

You can work from anywhere



Attention all aspiring social media gurus! We’ve got an opportunity that requires zero work experience but a ton of enthusiasm (and maybe a slight addiction to cat videos). If you can navigate the wild world of hashtags like a pro and make your friends snort-laugh with your Snapchat stories, you’re basically overqualified already.


  • Play puppet master of social media, crafting campaigns that make people LOL, cry happy tears, and hit that share button as it owes them money (both paid and organic).
  • Brainstorm and plot a social media strategy so genius even Einstein would be like, “Dang, why didn’t I think of that?” all while keeping it true to the brand’s vibe.
  • Become the content connoisseur of all platforms, whipping up posts so good they’ll make your grandma hit that “like” button.
  • Keep a hawk-eye on content quality, making sure it’s as on-point as your cat’s laser-pointer game.
  • Take charge of brand content like a boss, ensuring it’s so slick even Beyoncé would give it a nod of approval.
  • Be the Sherlock Holmes of social media, staying one step ahead of trends and tech like it’s your side hustle.
  • Set goals that even a goldfish could remember, tracking brand awareness, engagement, and campaigns like a social media ninja.
  • Take the reins on social media responses and copy, making sure every word is as sharp as a wit from Oscar Wilde.
  • Channel your inner Spielberg by prepping storyboards and production sheets for those epic video productions.
10 hours a week over 5 days

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